Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Although this looks 3 dimensional, it is flat: 
It is a watercolor blend of a red, orange, purple. 
I used a bold white Uniball pen to draw the Zentange-inspired lines to make the slight pillow effect. 

Two More Mannequins

These ladies are dressed for their bookclub meeting, books in hand. The standing one is attired in pages from THE USES OF ENCHANTMENT, Bruno Bettelheim. 
They may look frivolous, but they take their reading seriously. They are prepared to discuss THE ROAD TO CHARACTER, by David Brooks. 

Dressed for the New Year

These wood models have been beckoning me to dress them for the New Year. 
Left: Adorned with a striped ribbon top, gold ribbon belt and multi-layered skirt of sheer paper, flecked with gold. 
Right: In the British tradition, a hat, or fascinator in this case, is the finishing touch. Top is tailored sheer paper contrasting with a skirt of abundant strips of twisting, shimmering green ribbon, with a matching ribbon bracelet. 
With a nod to stability, no stilettos!

Imagine Cyndi Lauper singing her anthem: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”